Pro Shop

The pro-shop is run by Mark Klotz, an expert in the trade of bowling ball drilling and fitting. Mark has been a fully-certified ball driller for 25 years. He will talk over with you the advantages and disadvantages of every ball and determine which type of ball would be the best for you. Mark will also take the time to make sure that your ball is properly fitted for your comfort level. Balls will be drilled practically as soon as they arrive in his pro shop. Circle “B” also features the Hause Ball Refinishing System! This system ensures that your ball receives a proper refinishing job every time. Mark and his staff will make sure that your refinish is done to your specifications. Now featuring “Power House Hook It Again” proven to restore your bowling ball to 99.8% of its original hooking power. Circle “B” also features the Revivor, a heat based oil extractor. Once again the latest in resorting bowling balls and only at Circle “B”. The pro-shop can order anything from balls to bags to shirts and shoes. To make an appointment with Mark, call the pro-shop hotline at 377-8090. Remember: if you want striking results, bring your ball to the master of the ball-drilling world.

Prices for services

Complete plug and re-drill

$28.95 plus tax

Plug fingers only

$16.95 plus tax

Plug Thumb only

$16.95 plus tax

Plug Name only

$14.95 plus tax

Finger Grips

$10.95 plus tax

Thumb (slug or oval)

$12.95 plus tax

Rough refinish–300 grit

$16.95 plus tax

Shiny refinish-600 grit and up

$21.95 plus tax

Fit & drill outside ball

$24.95 plus tax

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